Web development trends 2020 will be shaped by

The ever-changing software development world is quite exciting. Today, the demand for web development skills is rising and the wide range of options available to aspiring developers is getting even wider. If you wonder how not to miss out and manage to keep pace with the demands of this constantly evolving technology, then be sure you’re in the right place to get your questions answered. In today’s article, we’d like to focus on what web development trends the coming 2020 has in store for us.

Whether you are seeking a developer position or you need to manage your organization’s software project, our educated guesses will hopefully make your future less vague.

1. Progressive Web Apps and improved user engagement

PWAs have been around for a while now and in 2020, they will continue to be a thing. PWAs are the highly advantageous web applications that may help you improve the quality of the user experience you deliver. Loading like regular websites, they are the web apps that remain re-engageable, shareable, discoverable, installable and lightweight, network independent, responsive, safe, and cost-effective.

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2. Single-page web apps and improved performance

The trend for having both a website and a mobile app is now in decline because in most cases, it is unreasonably resource-consuming. This fuels the second trend in web development — single-page applications. Such JavaScript web apps can either complement your mobile applications or exclusively constitute your digital presence. What SPAs, in brief, do is that instead of loading individual HTML pages from the server, they load markup and data to dynamically render them on a single web page. They are simple to develop and will not cost much.

3. Motion UI and an enhanced design

Motion User Interface is expected to be a significant trend in UI web development in 2020. In the era of the ever-shortening attention span, Motion UI is a handy tool that helps create an interactive web design and keep people focused.

4. Python, JavaScript, and WebAssembly

Python and JavaScript are highly popular programming languages. The trend is that their popularity will keep continuously growing. Python can serve an array of purposes including web app development and scripting, while JavaScript is connected with dynamic web app and website development. That is not new but still workable. What may sound unfamiliar to you is WebAssembly. It is an open web standard that enables higher-level languages to run natively in the browser and proves to become a big 2020 trend.

Source: Mozilla Hacks

5. Hyperautomation and the power of AI

There’s no list of tech trends now that would go without mentioning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI algorithms allow web developers to find the right solutions faster. On the other hand, automation requires experienced developers. But if you find your qualified expert, you’ll get a chance to improve so many aspects of your business.

6. Voice search and improved SEO

Voice search is a feature of the web that allows a browser to search the web for a keyword that was entered. Recently, there has been a dramatic shift in usage of voice search. Now, it’s becoming an integral part of how users interact with the web. As of today, the development of voice-powered applications gets technically feasible due to Web Speech API. Voice search has been trending in 2019 and still has the potential to grow in 2020.

Source: Clutch

7. Modules and lower web development costs

The modular design will remain the main contributor to the architectural simplicity and effectiveness of your web apps. Modularity is an elegant solution that powers the creation of smaller, faster and leaner codebases. Eventually, this will make the development process more flexible and potentially reduce the web app development cost.

As you can see, the general trend in web development is toward not only building an application that is modern and hi-tech, but also one that is simple, elegant, and easy to maintain. No longer is web development more of a mad rush and throwing a lot of stuff out there hoping it sticks. Users’ expectations have become a priority and in an attempt to come up with your perfect web app, you should be able to be responsive to the wishes of your audience. To learn more about how the above trends may be helpful in achieving the said goal, please check out this page.

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