Top 3 PropTech Trends to Dominate 2022

3 min readApr 5, 2022
Prop the Proptech up: Tech trends of 2022

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Property is neither more nor less than something that makes our world spin. Not taking love into account, of course :)

If something is regarded as your property, it gives you the full legal right to work your will upon it. It includes everything from selling to simply destroying it (don’t even think about doing that to someone else’s property!).

Property technology, or proptech, is a catchall term that combines all kinds of IT solutions to assist in property circulation, in our case, immovable one.

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Said another way, we’ll be addressing ‘prop’ as real estate and ‘tech’ as technological approaches to ease our lives in the sphere.

So let’s briefly discuss the top 3 proptech trends in 2022 to form a clearer picture of what tomorrow holds for the proptech.

IoT to let the machine do the job

The ubiquity and efficiency of IoT (Internet of Things, if it somehow slipped your mind) are unquestionable.

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The streams of data produced by multiple IoT devices make the ground for useful analysis and further optimization of the parameters of household or industrial premises.

The opportunities such an approach opens are considerable:

  • Automatic data monitoring
  • Reduced-time maintenance
  • Predicted repairment
  • Broader leasing opportunities

IoT is an inseparable feature of the modern world, and the sphere of real estate is among the first to reap the rewards from it as one of the proptech solutions.

AR/VR to visualize the future

A significant number of countries already regard cyberspace as a part of our reality, and one can even get sent to the scaffold for cyber-related crimes.

Virtual and augmented reality puts humanity on the next level of going digital. It’s only gaining momentum, but its potential is already evident. Facebook Meta is clear proof of that.

In terms of proptech, it allows customers and landlords to inspect a potential place for investment without any physical presence (against the pandemic, it’s vitally important). Or, for instance, to add some non-existing features to an interior or exterior in order to form a more reasoned prior opinion.

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NFTs to prove what needs to be proved

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been making a lot of buzz lately and even turned into a figure of fun.

Have a small break :):

But let’s just mention one of NFTs’ distinctive features. Whatever one can claim, NFTs manage to fulfill the function of digitally proving the ownership of some entity, including real estate objects.

Moreover, NFTs can be combined, shared, transferred, and even fractured. Meaning that they can perfectly represent all kinds of operations made with real estate and transform all the paperwork into a few simple digital procedures.


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